ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat is designed for maximum safety, stability and high workloads in Commercial Ribs.

The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), as the name implies, has a rigid fibreglass hull mated to an inflatable collar. These combines the buoyancy and stability required in the manufacture of RIB Boat which delivers superior handling characteristics and buoyancy to those generally found in conventional boats.

Rigid Inflatable Boats play a major role in a wide range of Commercial Boats uses on inland and coastal waters.

Rigid Inflatable Boat

The uses of a Rigid Inflatable Boat will vary considerably an include Fisheries, Search & Rescue, Oil Support, Towing and Supply, Professional Mariners as well as Science Research and Survey Companies, Yacht Tenders or pleasure cruises all have a preference for Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Solas Rescue Boat

For critical rescue missions ASIS SOLAS BOATS provide greater stability in storms and rough waters, and are both highly recommended and approved for Safety of Life at Sea; playing a significant role in rescue scenarios on the stormiest waters.

Once again Rigid Inflatable Boats are both preferred and specified for rescuers who perform the task of rescuing people from sinking ships in distress as well as “man overboard” at sea.

For transferring and carrying passengers or goods from ship to shore a Rigid Inflatable Boat is the best choice with the ASIS Commercial Boats being the best suited to the task as it ensures safety when carrying passengers or goods which is very important when insuring protection and safety of all assets and lives. The Efficiency, Safety and Speed of a Rigid Inflatable Boat is very important consideration for businesses applications.

Selection criteria for buying Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Buying Rigid Inflatable Boats for the first time?, then it is recommended that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer or his authorized distributor and to this end ASIS BOATS are available to advise you on your specific needs.

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